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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turke

🇬🇧 Emily Anderson: I'm glad I overcame my fears for my health. Result: 60 KG (6 Months)


Gastric Sleeve Turkey – All Included £3,250

For a quarter of a century, Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar at Celyxmed has been a beacon of hope for 7,500 individuals, guiding them towards a healthier life through weight loss surgery. With our “gastric sleeve turkey all inclusive” package priced at just £3,250, we offer comprehensive care. Many of our international patients express their only regret – not opting for the procedure sooner.

Celyxmed: Where Your New Chapter Begins, Confidently!

🇬🇧 Emily Anderson: I'm glad I overcame my fears for my health. Result: 60 KG (6 Months)

All-Inclusive Gastric Sleeve Package in Turkey

Inquiring about “gastric band turkey prices”? For just £3,250, you can avail of our “gastric sleeve turkey all inclusive” package. Dive into various “types of weight loss” procedures and “reduce the amount” you spend, all while enjoying top-tier medical care.

Our Joint Commission International accredited hospital utilizes top-tier Medtronic products from the USA for gastric sleeve surgery, ensuring the pinnacle of quality and safety standards for our patients.”

All our surgical operations are performed by our surgeons in our Joint Commission International Certified Full-fledged Hospital.

Utilizing Medtronic-branded materials in gastric sleeve surgery signifies a commitment to world-class quality and patient safety.

Best Doctor For Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

When deliberating who the best gastric sleeve surgeon in Turkey is, Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar’s name is frequently at the forefront. With a sterling 25-year track record, he is lauded as the best surgeon in Turkey for gastric sleeve procedures. His personalized approach and surgical precision have solidified his position as a top gastric sleeve surgeon in Turkey. Celyxmed’s all-inclusive package, expertly led by Dr. Taşçılar, is not only affordable at £3,250 but also a transformative experience for the many who entrust their journey to his care.

Patients seeking the best doctor for gastric sleeve in Turkey often find their answer in Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar, a vanguard in the field and widely acknowledged as the best gastric sleeve surgeon Turkey has to offer. His dedicated service through Celyxmed has positively impacted the lives of over 7,500 patients, making him the go-to surgeon for gastric sleeve in Turkey. For those ready to take the step towards significant weight loss, the opportunity to consult directly with Dr. Taşçılar offers an invaluable level of reassurance and support.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Informations in Turkey

  • Average Length of Stay: 4 Nights, 5 Days
  • Length of Stay in Hospital:  1 Nights, 2 Days
  • Operation Duration: 1 Hour
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

It is applied with laparoscopic surgery method. We use Medtronic Brand American Origin Product. For this reason, the recovery time is very fast.

***You can start feeding with solid food the day after the operation.


Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey, İstanbul by Celyxmed

Clear Prices

You pay one price, and it covers all medical services for your "gastric sleeve procedure". This includes all the checks before the surgery and the care after, plus some important vitamins.

Swift Recovery Transition

Contrary to many institutions, we believe in a speedy yet safe recovery. Post-operation, we recommend just one night at our facility before transitioning you to the comfort of a hotel, ensuring you're back to your routine swiftly.

Bring a Friend

Coming to Turkey for "sleeve surgery" can be scary. So, bring a friend with you! They can stay for free and get 3 meals every day.

Full Health Check

Before your "sleeve surgery in Turkey", we do a lot of tests. Many doctors will check your "health condition" to make sure you're okay.

We Know Our Stuff

Our team is very good. They've done over 2,500 "weight loss surgeries" in Turkey. They know what they're doing.

Modern Hospital (JCI) Certified

Our hospital is part of Memorial Health Group. It's a very good place with new technology. You're in safe hands for your "gastric surgery in Turkey".


Ready to Start Your Weight Loss Journey in Turkey, İstanbul?

Thinking about “weight loss surgery in Turkey”, specifically in Istanbul? Our expert doctors do many types of “obesity surgeries” here, like “gastric sleeve in Turkey” and more.

We’re different because:

  • We have a one-price-fits-all package for “gastric sleeve turkey package”. No surprises!
  • We really care about you, both before and after the “sleeve surgery in Turkey”.
  • After the surgery, we help you with your “eating habits” and any questions.
  • Need to know more about “gastric sleeve turkey prices” or “stay in Turkey” after surgery?

Remember, weight loss isn’t just about “diet and exercising”; sometimes, you need a little extra help. We’re here for that in Turkey! Just ask us!


Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photos in İstanbul, Turkey

Discover the transformative effects of gastric sleeve surgery through our patients’ journeys, showcasing impressive before and after results. With Celyxmed’s gastric sleeve Turkey package, including flights, you can experience this life-changing procedure in the vibrant city of Istanbul. Our competitive turkey gastric sleeve price, starting at just £3,250, covers all aspects of the procedure, performed with precision through small incisions, leading to less discomfort and quicker recovery. Witness the transformation that gastric.sleeve Turkey offers and embark on a journey towards a healthier you.

Gastric Sleeve Testimonials and Reviews in İstanbul, Turkey

Scouring through various gastric sleeve Turkey reviews can offer insightful perspectives from patients who have undergone the transformative surgery. These firsthand accounts detail experiences from the initial consultation to post-surgery outcomes, providing a comprehensive understanding of what one might expect. While most gastric sleeve in Turkey reviews are positive, reflecting the high standards of patient care and medical expertise, it’s also important to consider the full spectrum of narratives.

However, it’s not uncommon in the medical field to encounter gastric sleeve Turkey bad reviews, as individual experiences can vary. We encourage prospective patients to watch our detailed video testimonials, which showcase real stories of triumphs and challenges. This will provide a balanced view, further helping in making an informed decision about undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. For an authentic glimpse into the journey, our video resources are invaluable, presenting a clearer picture than reviews alone might offer.


Health Changers Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey, İstanbul


  1. Just Less Food: This surgery only “reduces the size” of your “part of the stomach”. It’s like putting a belt around it (think “gastric band”). So, you eat less. Simple!
  2. Less Food, Less Absorption: This “type of bariatric surgery” is a two-in-one. It makes your stomach smaller, and changes your “digestive system”. So, even the food you eat, not all gets taken in by your body (like the “gastric bypass”).


When you decide to have “weight loss surgery in Turkey”, our team will be with you. You’ll meet special food experts who’ll teach new “eating habits”. To really see change, you should be ready to eat differently and move more after the surgery.


We use tiny tools and small incision, cuts – that’s “minimally invasive”. It means less pain and fast healing. Want to know “gastric sleeve turkey prices” or about our “gastric surgery in Turkey”? Just ask!

In our "gastric sleeve procedure", we take out a big "part of the stomach". What's left? A small tube-like stomach! It's about as thick as a finger (2-3 cm).

What's cool about this? You eat less! Because the "size of the stomach" is smaller, you feel full with just a tiny bit of food. And guess what? You won't feel super hungry anymore. That's because we remove the part that makes the “hunger hormone”.

Thinking about "weight loss surgery in Turkey"? With our skilled "medical professionals" and top "clinics in Turkey", you're in safe hands. Plus, it's not just about the surgery. We help you with new "eating habits" and the right "diet and exercise" too!

Here's the deal: Think of splitting your stomach in two. The small bit? We call it the "forestomach". The rest is the more sizable part.

Here’s where things get interesting: We re-engineer your small intestine, attaching it to the “forestomach”. So, when you eat, the food and digestive juices only come together midway in your intestine. This shrunk "size of the stomach" ensures you eat less, and with the revamped digestive path, food processing becomes unique.

Eyeing a fresh start with weight loss? Explore "bariatric surgery in Turkey". Our leading "turkey gastric sleeve" clinics, home to expert "medical professionals", offer a range of procedures, including the popular "gastric bypass turkey all-inclusive" package. After your transformative "turkey weight loss surgery", we’ll help tailor your "eating habits" for a healthier you.

Considering costs? The "gastric sleeve cost in Turkey" is competitive, with flexible "gastric sleeve turkey payment plans". Plus, there are packages like "gastric sleeve turkey including flights". It's all designed, varying depending on what you're seeking. Dive into a healthier future with us!

Have you come across the "gastric balloon"? It's a straightforward approach to weight loss, especially if you're mulling over a "stay in Turkey" for the treatment.

In essence, it’s different from major "turkey stomach surgery" options like the "gastric sleeve in Turkey". Here, a balloon is gently placed inside your stomach, cutting down its capacity. This makes you feel satisfied faster, helping you eat less and refine your "eating habits".

Why choose Turkey? Our clinics are top-notch, offering superior "medical services" by seasoned "medical professionals". Concerned about costs? Our "gastric sleeve turkey all inclusive" package and others give bang for your buck, especially when comparing to "how much is a gastric sleeve in Turkey".

Your "health condition" and "body mass index (BMI)" are pivotal before diving in. And after the procedure, count on us to guide you through the right "diet and exercising" strategy for lasting outcomes.

If "weight loss turkey" is on your radar, the gastric balloon is a gentler option worth considering!

Contemplating a "turkey gastric band"? Set your sights on Turkey. Let’s elucidate.

The gastric band is a sophisticated device wrapped around a segment of the stomach. Envision it as an adjustable belt for your digestive chamber. Its function? To constrict and "reduce the size" of the stomach, thereby limiting your food intake and facilitating the transformation of your "eating habits".

So, why zero in on Turkey? Our "clinics in Turkey" epitomize excellence. The competitive "gastric band surgery in turkey" prices, especially the encompassing "gastric band turkey package", promise top-tier "medical services" rendered by seasoned "medical professionals", ensuring value for your investment.

Your sojourn in Turkey won’t solely revolve around the procedure. Immerse in Turkey’s rich tapestry of culture and consider elevating your experience with a "gastric sleeve turkey all inclusive" getaway.

Cognizant of your health metrics? Prior to any surgical intervention, we meticulously assess parameters like your "body mass index (BMI)". Post-operation, we equip you with tailored "diet and exercising" counsel to augment optimal outcomes.

Ergo, if you're navigating the panorama of weight management solutions, the gastric band stands out as a commendable alternative. Queries about the expenditure, such as "how much is a gastric band in Turkey"? We’re at your beck and call!

Ask Your Question to
Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar

For 25 years, Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar at Celyxmed has transformed 7,500 lives with weight loss surgery. At just £3,250, our “gastric sleeve turkey all inclusive” package is a game changer. Join many who wish they’d done it sooner. Have questions? Ask Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar directly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey, İstanbul

In Turkey, specifically at Celyxmed, our commitment to guiding individuals towards a healthier life through weight loss surgery has been unwavering for over a quarter of a century. Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar has been at the forefront, becoming a beacon of hope for over 7,500 individuals. Our "gastric sleeve in Turkey all-inclusive package" is priced at a competitive £3,250, which not only covers the surgical procedures but offers an array of services ensuring a smooth experience. This inclusive package is part of our endeavor to offer comprehensive care to our patients. It's noteworthy that many of our international patients often express their only regret - wishing they had opted for the procedure at Celyxmed sooner.

Our operations are carried out in a hospital certified by the Joint Commission International, underlining our commitment to world-class standards. Furthermore, we utilize Medtronic-branded materials in our gastric sleeve operation, which is a testament to our dedication to quality and patient safety. This surgery not only reduces the size of the stomach, limiting the amount of food intake and helping individuals lose weight, but is also an alternative to other bariatric procedures like the gastric bypass and gastric band.

When considering such a transformative procedure, it's essential to be aware of all aspects, including potential side effects, the expertise of the surgeons in Turkey, and post-surgery care. We at Celyxmed also offer a free consultation and vip transfer as part of our service package, ensuring our patients feel prioritized and valued every step of the way.

Absolutely, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, particularly at Celyxmed, is a testament to top-tier medical expertise and patient care. For over 25 years, Prof. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar has been a pillar of hope, having successfully guided 7,500 individuals through their weight loss journey via surgery. This profound experience amplifies the level of safety and effectiveness of the procedures offered.

Our "gastric sleeve in Turkey all-inclusive package," which comes at a cost-effective price of £2,950, ensures that patients are enveloped in comprehensive care. Not only does this inclusive package cover the core surgical procedures but it also ensures a seamless, stress-free experience for patients, catering to multiple aspects of their journey. A significant chunk of our international patients frequently voice a common sentiment: their only regret is not having chosen Celyxmed for the procedure earlier.

Delving into the technicalities, our gastric sleeve operations are conducted in a hospital that proudly boasts a certification from the Joint Commission International. This certification is a hallmark of our unwavering commitment to maintaining world-class standards in all our surgical procedures. The use of Medtronic-branded materials in our gastric sleeve operation further cements our dedication to impeccable quality and patient safety. The essence of this surgery lies in its ability to reduce the size of the stomach. This alteration limits food intake, aiding individuals in their journey to lose excess weight. Additionally, it serves as an effective alternative to other bariatric surgeries, such as the gastric bypass and gastric band.

When considering the safety of this transformative procedure, potential side effects, the proficiency of the surgeons in Turkey, and the level of post-surgery care are critical factors. The surgeons' vast experience, combined with cutting-edge equipment, ensures minimal side effects and maximizes the success rate of the surgery. Furthermore, to ease the process for our patients, Celyxmed offers a free consultation and VIP transfer as intrinsic components of our service package. This holistic approach ensures our patients feel valued, safe, and prioritized throughout their medical journey in Turkey.

Free Consultation
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Best Hospital in Turkey For Gastric Sleeve

Looking for the best place to get a gastric sleeve? Celyxmed is known as the best hospital in Turkey for gastric sleeve. It’s a place where you’ll find expert care. Many people say we’re the best hospital for gastric sleeve in Turkey because we really care for our patients.

At Celyxmed, we’re one of the best hospitals in Turkey for gastric sleeve. We make sure you feel safe and supported. Dr. Öğe Taşçılar, our top doctor, helps make us the best gastric sleeve hospital in Turkey. Patients say good things about us all the time.

They think we’re a top gastric sleeve Turkey hospital because we work hard to help them get well.

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