What is Obesity Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve Turkey, Obesity is a disease that is one of the most important health problems of our country, while people can get rid of such problems with obesity surgery. Today, our country is on its way to becoming an obese society. Therefore, there are prominent solutions that come to the fore in the application of needed treatment methods.

Generally, there is more than one surgery method for such procedures. During the obesity surgery phase, it is necessary to make a decision by considering the age and other characteristics about the patient. At the same time, it is ensured with surgical procedures that the patient does not experience recurring problems.

What Does Obesity Mean?

People with a body mass index value of 25 and above are in the obese class. At the same time, it is also important which type of obese the person is during the treatment of such diseases. Being overweight also means being one of the type 1 or type 2 obese classes due to being overweight. With the treatment methods required to eliminate such problems, it is possible to treat patients permanently.

Who is Suitable For Obesity Surgery?

The patient’s condition is taken into consideration for the preferred obesity surgery. Patients with body mass index values of 35 and above should be treated. At the same time, they are checked for hypertension problems during treatment. Today, the patient’s body mass index values are decisive in the preference of such surgeries.

How is Obesity Diagnosed?

When deciding whether a patient is obese or not, body mass index values usually come to the fore. Eating and drinking habits of the patient are important in maintaining such values. The obese patient is operated as a result of such eating and drinking habits.

What are the causes of obesity?

There are several factors in the detection of obese diseases and the emergence of problems both in our country and in the world. Among these factors, the eating habits of the patient stand out. It is also important to abandon habits such as fast food during the treatment of patients. Fast food habits and unhealthy eating habits, which are one of the most important factors that cause obesity, also pose risks for the health of patients. Obesity surgery appears to be a useful option by not allowing factors that cause such problems.

Which Diseases are caused by Obesity?

In addition to various coronary vascular diseases, obesity, which also causes diabetes problems in patients, draws attention in the elimination of high blood pressure problems. Today, it is possible to eliminate such diseases for obesity surgery. At the same time, gallbladder surgeries are also associated with such diseases. At the same time, excess weight causes increase in blood fat values and indirectly causes various ailments.

 What Are Obesity Treatment Methods?

Although obesity treatment methods are usually surgical methods, besides this, nutrition and diet treatments also come to the fore in the process of eliminating the problems needed in the treatment of patients. Nowadays, it is possible to have more successful results with obesity surgery. At the same time, clamping the stomach of the patients is among frequently preferred methods.

What is an Obesity Surgery Stomach Balloon?

Another method related to obesity is the gastric balloon method. With this method, which is preferred to overcome the overeating problems that usually occur in obese patients, it is possible for the person to feel full more quickly with a minimized stomach volume. At the same time, obesity surgery method comes to the fore for this treatment. Nowadays, it is possible to eliminate the eating habits of people with the advantages of such surgeries. At the same time, it is seen that patients who feel full after eating less prefer such methods for the treatment phase..

What is the Obesity Stomach Band Operation?

There is an important relationship between excess weight and stomach size. Gastric band applications are of vital importance in terms of providing such procedures. With this method, which is also called stomach cuff, it is possible to reduce stomach volume and the patient to consume less food. With such procedures during the obesity surgery phase, the patient is prevented from gaining weight again.

What is Obesity Surgery Tube Stomach?

It is possible to reduce stomach volume laparoscopically with tube stomach operations, which are also similar procedures. In the stage of reducing stomach volume, it is important that surgeries are preferred together with successful procedures. Nowadays, such obesity surgery methods come to the fore for rapid weight loss. At the same time, it is known that such methods are preferred because patients are discharged in a short time. In our country, such treatments are among the preferred methods recently.

What is Obesity Surgery Gastric By-Pass?

This method stands out as a method that accelerates the absorption of carbohydrate foods and fats from the intestines. Nowadays, it comes to the fore as an effective treatment method as a large part of the stomach is disabled with such treatment methods. With obesity surgery, it is possible to counter the needs of patients with a treatment method in which a large part of the stomach is disabled. Today, this treatment method enables important results, especially in patients with digestive problems.

What to do Before Obesity Surgery?

Before such treatment methods, it will be beneficial for patients to diet. At the same time, it is important to carry out the necessary examinations during the treatment of patients, to perform endoscopic examinations and also to examine the patient’s disease history. By applying such procedures, it is possible for the patient to become suitable for obesity surgery. Nowadays, it is possible to lose weight successfully at the same time with the implementation of such procedures.

What to do after Obesity Surgery?

After such surgery, people need to pay attention to their eating habits. At the same time, it may be necessary for the person to consume liquid foods after obesity surgery at the first stage after the treatment. In the later stages after the treatment, a healthy situation occurs when the methods needed for the treatment of the patient come to the fore.

What Problems can Occur After Obesity Surgery?

Generally, stomach pains can occur for a certain period after such surgeries. Although such problems are temporary, pain relief and soothing treatments are possible in the process of providing solutions needed to treat patients. Today, although there are no significant side effects after such treatment methods, it is possible for people to return to their daily lives with the elimination of the problems that occur after obesity surgery.

Obesity Surgery Prices 2021

In terms of price, it is possible for patients to obtain such treatments at affordable prices. With the diversity of treatment options, especially in the recent period, the required solutions are available, and the prices have decreased to a more affordable level. At the same time, nowadays with the use of such methods in the treatment of patients, it is possible to get successful results for many patients and eliminate the problems of obesity surgery at the same time.