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Breast Lift Informations

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  • Average Length of Stay: 3-5 Days (considering recovery and check-ups)
  • Length of Stay in Hospital: 1-2 Nights
  • Operation Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
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What awaits you during the operation and treatment process?

Op. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu

Our Surgeon Performing the Operation

  • Surgeon with the title of Professor
  • 25 Years of Experience in Plastics
  • Hundreds of Successful Surgical Operation Experience

Operation and Treatment Process

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Transfer from Airport to Hotel

For the safety and comfort of our patients, we accompany them from the airport to the hotel where they will stay with our disinfected vehicles.

The Intervention

Intervention & Operation

We will accompany you to our clinic for a face-to-face consultation with the doctor who will perform the operation you have applied for. During the examination, our medical team will perform the necessary medical analyzes to determine whether you are suitable for the operation. If you are eligible for the operation, your doctor will perform your operation.

Rest, Recovery

Accommodation in a 4 or 5 Star Hotel

After your operation, you will be discharged from our clinic with the approval of your doctor. We will accompany you to your pre-arranged 4 or 5 star hotel and make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your rest period.


Control & Airport Transfer

After your rest period determined by your doctor, our team will accompany you to the clinic to check you and your results. After your check, we will transfer you to the airport.

Reasons for Breast Lift

  • Age-Related Sagging: As women age, the breasts can naturally start to sag. A breast lift can restore a more youthful and perky appearance.

  • Post-Pregnancy Changes: Pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to changes in breast shape and volume. A lift can help restore the breasts to their pre-pregnancy state.

  • Weight Fluctuations: Significant weight gain or loss can impact breast shape, often leading to sagging. A lift can address these changes.

  • Improved Breast Shape: Some women might have naturally elongated or pendulous breasts. A lift can provide a rounder, more aesthetically pleasing shape.

  • Nipple Positioning: For some, the nipples might point downward or sit below the breast crease. A lift can reposition the nipples to a more central location on the breast.

  • Increased Confidence: Sagging breasts can affect self-esteem. A breast lift can boost confidence by achieving a more desired breast shape.

  • Better Clothing Fit: Uplifted breasts can enhance the fit and appearance of clothing, allowing for more versatile fashion choices.

  • Symmetry: If one breast sags more than the other, a lift can be done to create more symmetrical breasts.

  • Enhanced Proportions: For those looking to achieve a specific body contour or proportion, a breast lift can be a step in that direction.

  • Combining with Other Procedures: A breast lift can be combined with other breast surgeries, like augmentation or reduction, to achieve a comprehensive desired look.

Before Operation

Before the operation, your tests are done and our surgeons examine you and give you information about which treatment they will apply.

During Operation

Our surgeons perform the operation in our fully equipped hospital. You may need to rest in our hospital for 1 night after the operation is completed.

After Operation

After the operation, you will be discharged from our hospital and you are ready to return home after resting in your hotel.

Before & After

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Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

The primary goal of a breast lift is to raise and firm the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue, reshaping and supporting the new breast contour.

A breast lift focuses on raising and reshaping sagging breasts, while breast augmentation is primarily to increase breast size using implants.

Yes, a breast lift can adjust asymmetry, making the breasts more symmetrical in size and position.

Scarring can vary but commonly includes a lollipop-shaped scar around the areola and vertically down from the areola to the breast crease, or an anchor-shaped scar that also includes a horizontal line along the breast crease.

Most patients can resume daily activities within a week or two, but full recovery, including returning to strenuous exercises, might take several weeks.

There's potential for temporary or permanent changes in nipple or breast sensation, but most patients retain normal sensation.

Yes, a breast lift is often combined with breast augmentation or breast reduction to achieve the desired shape and size.

There's no specific age limit, but patients should be in good health. It's also advisable to wait until breasts have fully developed.

While the results are long-lasting, factors like aging, gravity, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can affect the longevity of the lift.

Patients are typically advised to wear a surgical or support bra for several weeks post-operation to support healing and reshape.


Our Full-fledged Hospital

All our surgical operations are performed by our surgeons in our Joint Commission International Certified Full-fledged Hospital.

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