Dental – Tom Cruise

In fact, midline shift is evaluated from two different perspectives as a symmetry obsession and a situation related to facial features. Line shifting in people who are obsessed with symmetry is not only dental aesthetics, but can also go as far as rhinoplasty. However, the fact that the face has a unique structure and the preservation of the characteristic features of the facial features can also be seen as an important issue. It would be more accurate to look at the results of Tom Cruise’s dental aesthetics from this perspective.

Before Tom Cruise’s dental aesthetics, the crookedness of his front teeth was so advanced that it standed out enough to overshadow the other features of his face, Tom Cruise’s unique character, but after dental aesthetics, it has a fainter appearance. As such, it can be described as an aesthetic attempt aimed at preserving the desired aspect of dental aesthetics, an unobtrusive appearance that does not stand out too much, and at the same time, the characteristic features of individuals.